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Moving into your new home will be exciting, fun and lots of hard work. Planning ahead will certainly make it much easier. However, as was stated above lots of hard work is needed to make a smooth transition into your home. Below are a few moving tips to help you organize and implement your moving plans.

Six to Eight Weeks Prior

? Purchase or rent moving supplies: hand trucks, carpet dollies (great for moving small tables etc.) tape, markers, scissors, pocketknife, newspaper, blankets, moving pads, plastic storage bins, large plastice garbage bags, rope and a hand truck. Free boxes can usually be obtained at a local supermarket, but consider purchasing wardrobe boxes for moving clothes.

? Have a garage sale to clear out unwanted items and plan accordingly. Consider donating unwanted items.

? Keep a detailed record of all moving expenses. Your costs may be tax deductible depending on the reasons for your move.

Two Weeks Prior

? Hire a reputable mover or rent a moving truck. Be sure to get referrals or references, check with the Better Business Bureau, get estimates, purchase moving insurance.

? Two weeks before moving day, contact your telephone, electric, gas, cable/satellite, refuse and water companies to set a specific date when service will be discontinued. Contact utilities companies in your new town about service start dates, including Internet & long distance telephone services.

? Notify healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, veterinarians) of your move and ask for referrals and record transfers.

? Register children for school and ask for school records to be transferred.

? Notify lawn service, cleaning and security companies when service should be terminated.

? Advise the post office, publications and correspondents of change of address and date of move.

? Check your homeowner's insurance and make arrangements for new coverage.

Moving Day
? Have tools handy for breaking down beds and appliances.

? Move valuables (jewelry, legal documents, family photos & collections) yourself - don't send them with the moving company. Make sure you have a complete Home Inventory of all your possessions.

? Give every room a final once over. Don't forget to check the basement, yards, attic, garage and closets.

? Have the final payment for the movers and money for a tip

? Don't forget to check in with me as I  may be able to provide useful local advice, and/or referrals.

After You Move In

? Have all boxes, trash, and used moving supplies removed as soon as possible. This will provide extra security for your family by not advertising you’ve just moved in.

? Introduce yourself and family to your neighbors. Making friends is not only a great way to enjoy your new neighbors but also puts them at ease with the new family on the block.

? Ride around the neighborhood to familiarize yourself with alternate routes in and out of the neighborhood.

? Most important check out the work schedule for your neighbors, a person working nights doesn’t enjoy being woke up at 9:00 AM by someone mowing their lawn -- Be Courteous !

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